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The end-user of an industrial construction or renovation project expects a facility that offers state-of-the-art mechanics and technology - a solid structure that can retain years of usefulness, with little maintenance. Owners of these facilities demand high-quality work, completed within budget, on schedule and free of accidents.

Partnership with the union construction industry is the proven strategy that meets these goals. That's because union contractors and craftsmen are grounded in delivering the best value for your investment and bringing superior skills, attention to detail and high work standards to each job.

From new construction to retrofit, the finished project will reflect extensive pre-planning and project management, and will be an example of industry excellence.


U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Works - No.3 Blast Furnace

The union construction industry played a critical role in steering what could be the last major repair project of a blast furnace in Pennsylvania. Contractors and craftsmen overcame numerous challenges while completing extensive work in a vertical environment. And by coordinating different union crafts for simultaneous projects, they installed new bosh and mantle staves, rebricked the furnace stack, replace top equipment, repaired gas cleaning and improved the stockhouse. The project was competed with 570,000 man-hours, and with zero lost-time accidents.
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"Over 570,00 man-hours from the western Pennsylvania local union crafts were expended during the project, with zero lost-time accidents. This zero lost time is and exceptional performance made possible by extensive pre-planning of all work scopes and the professionalism and teamwork exhibited by the crafts, contractor management and U.S. Steel personnel."
D.G. Giles
Manager, Engineering, Mon Valley & Clairton Plants
U.S. Steel

Allegheny County Sanitary Authority

This project presented some major challenges - all successfully surmounted through the combined efforts of contractors and building industry professionals. First, two major projects had to be completed simultaneously; second, work had to be completed without interrupting ongoing operations; and third, the entire project was fast-tracked on a tight construction schedule. All were accomplished.

​This project included erecting five buildings - one for a new sludge loading and processing facility, three for the Headworks Odor Control area, and another for the Dewatering Odor Control Building, complete with odor scrubber equipment pads and foundations. Meanwhile, new primary clarifiers, aeration basins and a three-stage odor control system, coupled with associated ductwork, equipment buildings and other structures, were needed. Attaining project success meant strict coordination and scheduling among multiple contractors on site. The use of project milestones kept work at its needed place, while a large pool of highly trained union professionals provided the staffing to complete the project.

"The workers had to skills and knowledge so that complex work could be completed with minimal disruptions to ALCOSANS's ongoing treatment process. Also, the union labor possessed the proper training to complete the job safely."
Dan Lockard
Manager of Construction